48 Bone-Chilling Castlevania Quotes to Keep You Cold This Winter

Quotes have a way of connecting us to one another, especially Castlevania quotes.

What better way to understand humanity than through the lens of love, suffering, and mortality?

Throw in some vampires, forgemasters, and magicians, and you’ve got yourself pure magic. You’ll need it too, because it’s about to get cold. Here are 48 bone-chilling Castlevania quotes from Netflix’s acclaimed animated series. Read if you dare!

Trevor Belmont


1. I know what it’s like to be persecuted by your own country for the accident of your birth.

2. This is what the church wanted. My family were the only people who could’ve fought Dracula and his army, but they didn’t want us. They wanted to fight the darkness on their own terms. Good luck to them.

castlevania quote belmont

3. You Speakers carry information down through the generations. We Belmonts pass things down as well. Do you remember what we saw down there? Metal veins pumping hot liquid? Torches that light by themselves that exactly fit descriptions written by my great-grandfather. Descriptions of the inside of Dracula’s castle. I don’t know what’s down there, but it’s not a messiah.

4. By the way, you’re all going to die. The current bishop of this place is… Well, he’s beyond insane. Over the top and into new lands of just snake-fuckingly crazy, and convinced that the salvation of Gresit lays in you people being torn to pieces by a mob.

Lisa Tepes


5. I’m really not interested in superstition or being some muttering wise woman cheating people with boiled nettles and entrails. I want to heal people. I want to learn. Will you help me?

6. They won’t be peasants anymore if you teach them. They won’t live such short, scared lives if they have real medicine. They won’t be superstitious if they learn how the world really works.




Lisa to Dracula as the Bishop of Gresit burns her alive for “witchcraft”

7. Don’t hurt them! They don’t understand! I know it’s not your fault, but… if you can hear… they don’t know what they’re doing. Be better than them. Please!

Vlad Dracula Tepes


8. What if I took a drink from you? Or have you loaded yourself with silver, crosses, and garlic in superstitious fear?

– In response to his future wife reprimanding him for not offering her a drink upon entering his home

9. You take my wife and deny I even exist! I give you one year, Wallachians. You have one year to make your peace and remove any marks you have made upon the land. One year, and then I’ll wipe all human life from the land of Wallachia. You took that which I love, so I will take from you everything you have and everything you have ever been. One year.




Dracula, upon learning that the humans killed his wife

10. There are no innocents! Not anymore! Any one of them could have stood up and said, “No, we won’t behave like animals anymore.”

11. The only two generals in my court who are not driven by thirst. The only two who are bound by loyalty and intellect. True, they are not vampires like you and I, Godbrand, and that is why I trust them. For we are about the business of wiping humanity from the earth, and they still stand with me.

12. Little Godbrand. Little vampire. Little parasite. Little boat weaver who delights in making noises and pretending that he’s dangerous. Are you going to continue questioning me? Are you going to fight me, little Godbrand?

(this scene is truly terrifying)




Dracula, tired

13. You are the greatest of your people, Isaac. You have a soul, I think. Perhaps that is more valuable to the world to come than a dusty collection of books and arborators. Or perhaps you simply deserve a better fate than to die instead of me.

14. The Morning Star Whip. Well played, Belmont, but I am no ordinary vampire to be killed by your human magics. I am Vlad Dracula Tepes, and I have had enough!


15. My boy. I’m killing my boy. Lisa, I’m killing our boy. We painted this room. We made these toys. It’s our boy, Lisa. Your greatest gift to me, and I’m killing him. I must already be dead.

Codrii Speakers Elder (Sypha Belnades’ Grandfather)


16. We carry with us the accumulated wisdom of this great country. We will use that to fight our battle. We might well lose. But, if nothing else, we might show someone that, although battles are won and lost, there is a larger war at stake. A war for the soul of our people. Because if we truly are the sort of people who will kill one another at the behest of a madman’s fantasies, then perhaps it is right and proper that things from Hell should rise up to wipe us out.

17. Does one run away when someone tells lies about them? What has the Church said about the Belmonts? That you have been corrupted by dealings with the supernatural, that you mock God, that you are a threat to the common good, and that evil follows wherever you go. And what did you do in the face of that?

Codrii Elder to Belmont challenging him to stand up and fight

Bishop of Targoviste

bishop of targoviste castlevania quotes



He’s nicer than he looks (not)

18. I have a gift for you. Your life, Belmont. Take it and go. Tonight, the Speakers will be dealt with, and then Gresit will be secure. I refuse, however, to toil so hard for the soul of this city with an excommunicated heretic within its walls. You could undo everything by your very presence.

19. Targoviste is gone. The other great cities are lost or losing. Gresit will be the last major city in Wallachia. To all intents and purposes, I will be the church.

Adrian Fahrenheights Tepes (Alucard)




Alucard, upon being awakened from his slumber

20. Good. Very good. A vampire hunter and a magician. You’ll do. I am Adrian Tepes. Known to the Wallachians as Alucard… son of Vlad Dracula Tepes. I’ve been asleep here in my private keep under Gresit for a year to heal the wounds dealt by my father when I attempted to stop him unleashing his demon armies.


21. Alucard, they called me. The opposite of you. Mother never liked that. Did you know that? She hated the idea that I might define myself by you. In opposition to you. She loved us both, enough that she wanted us to be our own people, living our own lives, making our own choices. And so here I am, choosing to honor my mother by killing my father. No longer Adrian Tepes, choosing to be Alucard of Wallachia, the name of my mother’s people. I’m sorry, Mother.

22. Imagine it: a world without humans, under endless invented night, and Dracula and his castle, his revenge so horribly complete that there is nothing left to do but look out over a world without art, or memory or laughter, and know that he did his work well. That he did it all for love.

Alucard, talking about his father’s plans for the world

23. C’mon, Belmont. Time to choose! You’re either the last son of a warrior dynasty, or a lucky drunk. Which is it?

24. You died when my mother died. You know you did. This entire catastrophe has been nothing but history’s longest suicide note!

Alucard to Dracula, in their final showdown





Hector, Devil Forgemaster

25. My fellow humans have never treated me with love, and I punish them for it. But, I wouldn’t have them suffer, and like any animal, I think the world would be poorer with their extinction. I would just see to it that they couldn’t harm anyone else.





Forget Cersei Lannister… Carmilla brings a new level of frigid to the world

26. Why was this new wife of yours never turned? You married, you had a child, and yet you did not make her a vampire. Why was that? Were you simply keeping a human pet? And if so, why is vampire society going to war with the world over it?

Carmilla to Dracula, within seconds of entering his court and meeting him for the first time

27. Do you feel like poison is something that would kill you? Of course you don’t. It’s a thing you learn. It’s not like you’re given a manual for being a vampire.


28. I was turned centuries ago, by a vampire master that said he was giving me the world. But, in time, he grew old, and cruel, and mad. And I was bound to him, until I decided to take back my world. I wasn’t going to be dictated by mad old men anymore. And then I come here to meet with the leader of our nation and what do I find? A mad, cruel, old man. Never again, Godbrand. Never. Again

29. If you love something, you act to keep it with you as  long as you can. Instead, he allowed her to be killed by other humans.

30. You’re human, Hector. You threw in your lot with us because it was your path to greatness, and joy, but your loyalty counts for nothing when a man who has decreed death to all humans, yet will not make his lover a vampire, rampages across the face of the earth in mad fury. I ask you again, does that sound sane to you?


31. You made your choice, Hector. You can’t go back to the castle now. You betrayed the old man. My God! You’re still the baby who had his woodland animal corpses taken away. Isaac is still the indigent boy getting beaten in the streets, and Dracula is destroying the world in a tantrum because someone killed his pet breeder! You’re all nothing but man-children! Get across the bridge. You’re mine now, Forgemaster. You have nothing left but me…

32. It’s absolute bloody chaos out there. Humans fighting each other, night creatures gone mad, even vampire packs trying to set up kingdoms. There is literally no one between here and Braila that I don’t want to murder!






Isaac, Devil Forgemaster

33. Dracula will bring a pure world into being. I believe that. I believe him. I want of all things a pure world, a clean world, where there is only loyalty and only love.

34. I will be loyal to the end, and beyond. Let us begin.

35. It seems counterproductive to cultivate human friends when you’re engaged in the project of ending the human race.

Isaac to Hector before the betrayal at Braila


36. I’m sick and tired of having to defend myself every time I want to sit and take a drink. But I don’t have to anymore. I’m a Forgemaster. I could have an army of my own. I might like an army. 

37. My devotion has been a matter of interrogation for some years. And the reparation of my heart is far away. 

38. The Prophet Muhammad Peace the Apollon once said, one day there will be no human beings left in Hell. Perhaps I am doing his work. There will come a time when my devotion is perfected. 

39. I was spoiled by a single act of kindness in this city, and so I tended to be reasonable, honest, and peaceful. This was against my better nature. It was stupid to expect anything other than hate from you. I keep making the same mistake. I should know better. I don’t need any of these bodies for forging. [to his night creatures] You may eat.

Sypha Belnades


40. You’re afraid. You’re worried that you might have made the wrong choice, so you’re trying to make him prove himself, again and again by constantly provoking him. You forget, Alucard—Trevor didn’t get to finish out his childhood. He’s not the man here that may not have grown up.


41. It’s because you’re doing what you were born for. As insane as it sounds, this entire nightmare scenario has made you complete. I think you should see it through. With me.



42. It’s not betrayal unless the old man decides to be difficult about it.



Dracula & Isaac


43. D: Do you remember how we first met, Isaac?

I: That would be difficult to forget.

D: Say the words so I know you are still my friend.

Alucard & Syhpa


44. A: I need a hunter and a scholar. I need help to save Wallachia…perhaps the world… and defeat my father.

S: Why?

A: Because it is what my mother would have wanted. And we are all, in the end… slaves to our families’ wishes.

Alucard and Belmont




cheeky catch-up about dysfunctional childhoods

45. A: I understand that I had more of a childhood than you did.

B: … (sarcastic) and your dad’s fucking Dracula.

Syhpa & Belmont


46. S: It’s lonely, even when you’re standing next to him. It’s strange. I’m not sure. He’s intelligent, sometimes even witty, in his way and he’s certainly half-human. More than half-human. He’s a person in his own right. But it’s like he’s a cold spot in the room. It’s not like your sadness.

B: I’m not sad.

S: Yes. You are. But I can shout at you or tease you and get a reaction that lets me know you’re still in there. His sadness is like an icy well. It’s bottomless, and it swallows up your voice and anything you try to drop into it.

The Captain

castlevania captain ship

47. “I’ve been cruel. It’s a cruel world. Maybe we all do deserve to die, but maybe… we could be better too. If you kill us all, you end human cruelty yes, but in human kindness too. No more jokes. No more gifts. No more surprises. Why would a man with all your fantastic knowledge not use it to teach people how to be kind? Revenge is good. Bastards need punishing, but after you win and you control the region, you become the ruler of a place, Isaac, You can lead Isaac. Just like you lead your beasties up there. What would you be like if you just taught people?”


48. “Have you ever heard this maxim, if you don’t have your own story, you become a part of someone else’s.”


Castlevania is one of my favorite television shows of all time, right up there with Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Magicians.

Castlevania: Nocturne comes out later this month and I can’t wait! Will you be watching?

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