Legend of Korra and the Seven Chakras

What are Chakras?

“Water flows like energy flows through the body. Chakras are like pools of energy flowing through our bodies. Sometimes things of the world fall into the pools and block the flow. We must remove the junk in order for the energy to flow.”

Guru Pathik, among many other things, teaches us about chakras.

A chakra is:

(In Indian thought) each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number.

The 7 chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows.

Here’s how Guru Pathik explains each Chakra, it’s location in the body, what blocks it, and how to let the energy flow freely in order to prevent from getting sick or falling out of balance with ourselves. In the Legend of Korra, Toph Bei Fong does something similar in order to help Korra unlock Avatar state. I’m going to share both Guru Pathik’s words of advice to Aang and give my own thoughts when it comes to Korra.

“There are seven chakras that go up the body. Each pool of energy has a purpose, and can be blocked by a specific kind of emotional muck. Be warned, opening the chakras is an intense experience, and once you begin the process, you cannot stop until all seven are open.

Are you ready?”

1. Earth Chakra

Location: Base of spine (red)

Deals with: Survival

Blocked by: Fear

Pathik’s Words of Wisdom: What are you most afraid of? When you know your fears more clearly you can admit them and find out ways to not let them control you.

When it comes to Korra: Korra fears her final fight with airbending villain and anarchist, Zaheer. He tries to eliminate her from the world and almost succeeds. I believe Korra fears dying at his hands and not being needed anymore, as the Avatar especially. But as Toph points out, that fight is over. Korra needs to admit this as a fear, but not let it control her.

2. Water Chakra

Location: Sacrum (orange)

Deals with: Pleasure

Blocked by: Guilt

Pathik’s Words of Wisdom: Look at all the guilt in your life. What do you blame yourself for?

We must accept the reality that things we feel guilty for happen to all people. We cannot let them cloud or poison our energy. If we are to be a positive force in the world, we need to forgive ourselves.

When it comes to Korra: Korra feels guilty about her relationship with Mako because she believes her first priority is to the world as the Avatar. She can’t experience the pleasure of being in a relationship. There isn’t any major block with this one when it comes to Korra. I think she struggles with other emotions, but not guilt especially.  

3. Fire Chakra

Location: Stomach (yellow)

Deals with: Real Power

Blocked by: Shame

Pathik’s Words of Wisdom: What are you ashamed of? What are your biggest disappointments in your life?

When it comes to Korra: That’s a tough one. Does Korra even know shame? I believe she will feel some shame from her three-year absence. Korra is definitely disappointed in herself for allowing Zaheer to make her feel so defeated, and probably ashamed that she has been out of the game for so long. She is also ashamed that Kuvira is filling the hole of chaos that Zaheer created in the Earth Kingdom, of which she believes she should be filling as the Avatar.

4. Air Chakra

Location: Heart (green)

Deals with: Love

Blocked by: Grief

Pathik’s Words of Wisdom: Lay all your grief out in front of you. Love is a form of energy and it swirls all around us. When our loved ones die, their love for us does not leave this world. It is still inside of our heart and is reborn in the form of new love. Let the pain flow away.

When it comes to Korra: Korra is feeling grief because she cannot connect with her past lives and different parts of herself.  Where we are now (Book 4, Episode 4), it seems like she cannot love herself fully because she truly believes that she has failed and is not needed.

5. Sound Chakra

Location: Throat (blue)

Deals with: Truth

Blocked by: The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Pathik’s Words of Wisdom: You cannot lie about your own nature. Accept who and what you are.

Korra has lied to everyone about where she has been. She has lied in order to find her own way and in the process lost her own truth. What was she meant to do and what did each villain teach her? She is an Avatar that has (in her mind) failed, but that is not the truth that most of the world sees. Korra needs to be true to herself, accept that her absence was much needed recovery time and move on.

6. Light Chakra

Location: Center of Forehead (indigo)

Deals with: Insight

Blocked by: Illusion

Pathik’s Words of Wisdom: The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things we think are separate and different are actually one and the same—like the nations of the world. We are all one people but we live as if divided. We’re all connected. Everything is connected. Open your mind and realize that all elements are one—four parts of the same whole.

When it comes to Korra: Korra is seeing tons of illusions now, because of the poison and because of the psychological damage exacted on her. Now that the poison has been removed from her body, Korra needs to find the cause and effect of how and why things happened and understand them as they truly are. She is going to need it if she is going to face the growing threat that is Kuvira.

7. Thought Chakra

Location: Crown of the Head (violet)

Deals with: Cosmic Energy

Blocked by: Earthly Attachments

Pathik’s Words of Wisdom: Meditate on what attaches you to this world. Now, let all of those attachments go. Let them flow down the river, forgotten.  

When it comes to Korra: This chakra is blocked by earthly attachment but it seems that Korra doesn’t have any. She gave up her relationship to focus on being the Avatar and then again she sacrificed her life for the lives of the airbenders when Zaheer and members of the Red Lotus tried to wipe them out. She would be devastated if any of her family or friends died but it seems she has mastered this part of herself. 

In order to master the Avatar State, you must master all the chakras. Surrender yourself and open all of the chakras.

You don’t need to believe in Avatar or chakras to find balance in your life. There are always things we must deal with. Guru Pathik makes it easier for us to understand potential problem areas and how to unlock them. In your own life, take a lesson from the Guru and become your own Avatar. Reinvigorate yourself with life and become reborn, just like all of the Avatars before you.

Whether you’re dealing with issues of survival, pleasure, real power, love, truth, insight, or cosmic energy there is a logical and often therapeutic way to deal with it. Maybe you’re denying the validity of this post or the chakras themselves. If you open your mind and avoid this denial and all forms of it, you can find balance within yourself. 

What are your thoughts about the 7 chakras and how they relate to Korra?

Let me know in the comments!